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TRUST is when,

BELIEF is stronger than DOUBT,

LOVE is stronger than FEAR and

APPRECIATION is stronger than WORRY!

-Birgitta Bernhard


With this website my wish is to support every one I’m working with, to deeply connect within, with your own truth, your soul-essence, and in the process also with the Universe, your Highest Guidance, yet being deeply rooted to planet Earth.


Learning to feel aware of this connectedness and consciously living at One with everything around you, you will start to appreciate being a vessel, through which the Universe, the Divine, can work. This supports you to follow your intuition, share your gifts with clear intention and trust in this higher presence. This guides the ego, the victimized mind to dissolve, inspiring you to be of service for the Higher Good!


As your controlling fearful victim-part steps aside, you step into living your purpose, your whole potential and allow yourself the experience of being at One.

One with the Universe, and connected within, to your own soul – as well as the soul essence of other human beings, animals and our home, planet Earth itself, you begin to live from a certainty of belonging and trust that the Divine is always there to support you.


My intention is to free you from controlling, fearful feelings of being victimized, so that you can gracefully let Divine Love in. Then you will remember you are not your fear and be the LOVE that you are.


Let the LOVE in!

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Healing seminar
Birgitta Bernhard
Spiritual healer

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