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Spiritual practice is a way of living your life at a higher level of frequency or energetic vibration and of being receptive to Divine Guidance. It teaches you another way of how you respond to any worry or anxiety, or handing it over to a higher power, whilst learning to surrender.


Healing is a way of ‘connecting’, a way of feeling or being ‘connected’

It reassures you that you are not alone and that you’re divinely connected to Spirit. Each of you has an unlimited inventory of resources available, to raise your thoughts and your vibration, to a state of peace, allowing the love in, and to be offered a spiritual solution for every single issue in your lives.


Being connected means literally that at any given moment of your life, you are encouraged to A S K. Ask that the love that surrounds and connects you to everyone and everything around you, may guide you now!


It takes faith and courage to begin to view our lives through this lens of perception. Any problem is created by your thought-forms and exists solely in your minds.


So you will learn and be guided to move to a higher and broader level of thinking, to choose differently, choose anew - for what is not yet flowing organically or feels like a blessing. One step at a time, you will find Grace and peace, thus literally creating a higher, more expansive energy field for yourself.


Receiving Healing-energy enhances spiritual growth. Healing-energy is the expansiveness or velocity of an individual’s energy field. Everyone of you,  has within you the ability to increase the vibration, intention and frequency of your energy, therefore allowing the enhancement of  your energy field, your potential of love, your choices, your intentions, and the experience of your everyday life.

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