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In my individual one to one healing sessions, which are approximately an hour and half long, I combine personal readings through my Highest Guidance, individually dowsed Bach-Flower-remedy combinations, with supportive and silent healing as such. Listening and hearing what is needed from Spirit and the good half hour to 40 minutes healing itself, will differ in experience each time, supporting and benefiting in the exact way needed or asked for.


This might be feeling held, heard, understood, and supported. This might also be offering clarity, encouragement, physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing - being lifted from the worrying mental plane, its interpretation surrendering into the wisdom of your heart-essence and therefore making you aware of what your feelings, pains or thought-forms really are about.


Each healing-session is connecting each of you with the essence of your own soul, your own truth. Learning to honour the divine within, helping to allow yourself to receive Divine Love, learning to hear and understand your needs, intentions and desires, change your responses, behaviour and perceptions, and enabling you to ask your Highest Guidance for help.


The sessions, which I recommend to have fortnightly, possibly weekly to start, as I do prayer and intention/holding work in between the sessions, also simply encourage you to find peace and let go, connect with your essence in deep relaxation, and feel encouraged and supported.


Through this experience and actual connectedness, each session allows you to spiritually grow and increase your vibration of Divine Love.

£ 70

In English or German

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