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Space Clearing

Over the past few decades I also was repeatedly asked to either bless or space-clear new homes, new offices, retreat spaces and more.


Interior Design Consultation

Not only from an angle of my professional past but from a holistic angle of how to turn spaces into a nurturing home or creative, inspiring place



I felt and feel honoured every time I was asked to give a spiritual blessing to bridal couples, pre or post their actual nuptials. (We had the privilege of a similar blessing at our own wedding)


Narration / Voice-Over Work

I’ve done either narration work (mainly for ACX, Audible inc.) or voice-over work – in films or audio-books – especially if the content deserves gravitas and clear intent. (which I applied also for the short film ‘Wisteria Cottage’ I wrote and acted in)


Spiritual Dialect Coaching

I always feel privileged to help friends or friends of friends on their artistic yet also spiritual work on their given characters, or guide them as a dialect coach, also from an intuitive, and or spiritual angle.


Coaching / Editing scripts 

developing arcs for characters and storylines

In the past I have also helped to work through, and consequently edit dialogue, scenes of their screenplays to support to find the essence of the storyline and its characters interactions.


Each of the above gives me a real sense of fulfillment, and the inspiration of this kind of work stems from:


1. That I personally have been transformed as an actress through applying my spiritual approach towards searching for the truth of each character I portray or as a writer, allowing each story to reveal its heartfelt truth, laying bare its spiritual core.


2. Therefore, I deeply enjoy supporting others to find the essence and true foundation of a character, as well as meaning or intention of a story, defining why the writing or portrayal touches each of us personally, in a different way.


3. Becoming a spiritual messenger for the artistic message, dare to become a vessel for the Divine, even when we work artistically and creatively.

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