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Healing Meditation with Birgitta Bernhard



This guided meditation and long-distant healing will support you to fully connect with your Infinite Self and to receive profound healing. (B.B.) This audiobook is written, to offer the listener reassurance, give a sense of belonging and help to learn to trust again. The recorded healing-meditation intends to make the listener feel held and loved, and after having surrendered to the healing itself, come out recharged, hopeful and encouraged to live one's purpose, to dare to make a difference and to shine one's inner light!

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Healing Meditation with Birgitta Bernhard

Paperback / Kindle / Audiobook


This little booklet ist designed to accompany the Healing Meditation CD to give further insight into meditation as such.


Moments of Reflection



An outstandingly beautiful photo book, consisting of twenty-eight spiritual quotations, enhanced by twenty-eight double-exposure pictures, with the intention to give visual pleasure, inspiration and enjoyable reflection! With this book we simply wanted to give hope, inspiration and shine light on everyone's perception, how beautiful not only our existence, but also how enchanting this world we live in, can be! We hope the photos will stimulate your senses and open your heart, and the quotations will help you to slow down, reflect and feel inspired. Through both together, we wish for you to step a little into the wonder this world has to offer!

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Double Exposures

Digital Downloads / Prints


Rudolf Reinbacher’s outstanding double exposure digital downloads & prints


Little Dorothy's Invisible Friend

Kindle / Paperback 

(Paperback recommended, as Kindle version could not enhance the writing font therefore too small a print )


'Little Dorothy's Invisible Friend' is an Illustrated, Uplifting Children-story, Intended to Support Children Through Changing Times and to Feel Safe and Loved!

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