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After so many years of practicing as a healer and spiritual teacher, I have decided to set up my own website and through this make my support, love and work accessible worldwide, online as well.


2020 has been an immense challenge for all of us – prompting us to face our existential fears, fears of the unknown, learning to deal with uncertainty and many unexpected changes.


Inviting us to pledge our commitment: to staying positive, inspired and

Connected, to our essence, truth and the love of the Universe, or Spirit as such!


These global challenges require a collective shift. They are calling us to recognize that we have to co-create the remedies and find the most spiritual solution; not out of fear, nor from victimization but that we co-create them, from the highest version of ourselves.


Feeling the loneliness, a sense of being lost and a longing for connectedness and need for reassurance, from many around me, has not only inspired me to set up the WhatsApp group ‘Meditation for our Earth’, for all my loved ones and existing clients, write a new seminar/webinar, continue all sessions and groups via phone or finally online via zoom, but more so has prompted me to create this website!

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