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An inspiring, creative writing-workshop & daily meditation


Aren’t we all here to express our uniqueness, and to experience our existence with ease and through our joy of living?


Breathe in fresh air, experience the joy of living on this beautiful island, enjoy warm hospitality, beautiful exchange of daily introspection and expression of your insights through writing, so you can then return to your everyday life, refreshed and rejuvenated. And consequently learn to truly experience the joy of living with great curiosity and an open heart!


In the three and a half-day seminar (about four to five hours a day) we explore, recognize and experience what our personal original joy feels like.
Through meditation and visualization we learn to connect with this joy.
And through the creative expression of writing, we learn not only to become aware of our joy in life and to feel it, but also to hold on to it and enrich our lives with it every day.

Joy is love, love is joy!

Through this retreat I will encourage and empower you to live both from your innermost being and to let them flow into your relationships, tasks, your environment and your intention.

Let's learn together to fill our existence with the joy of life!


The unique generosity of Dora inviting us to her home in Sardinia,

the healthy, delicious food Rudi (with my help) will pamper us,

the beautiful surroundings will encourage you to enjoy the island,

compassionate exchange and inspiring films, music, dancing, laughing

or just being in your space and stillness will perfectly complement my approx. four to five hour daily program!

I'm looking forward to discovering, experiencing and sharing ‘the joy of life’ with you!

With Love and joy :)) Birgitta


280 Pounds Sterling / per person

(additional cost for accommodation, food, cooking etc.)

...we’ll discuss nearer the time.

I’d advise to book the flight early 2024, to save cost. – arrival 8th, departure 12th of June 2024

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