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‘Learning to be present, openhearted, connected and self-loving! Experiencing - through connecting with your own core-essence - ,inner peace, heightened awareness, non-judgment, deep trust and an ongoing renewing sense of Joy and Happiness within!’

I will take you on a gentle meditative and transformative journey into the centre of your Self. The safe environment of loving support I energetically create, will support you to clear the onslaught of stress, worry and mental overload, transforming it to mindfulness and self-discovery. By connecting with your inner strength and freeing yourself of mental limitations that may cloud your clarity, intuition or dampen any joyful inspiration.

So often, we’re told that it is in giving that we receive but sometimes we need to stop, let go, find stillness, allow ourselves to be held, learn to even 'feel' held, surrender, and reconnect to our Soul-level as well as our Divine Guidance. Then we can refill ourselves and reconnect to our essence, so we can be inspired again and share healing intentions with others.

The intuitively guided Group Meditation sessions will include distant healing and pure intention for each participant, channeled through me. Thus, ignite profound healing and deep relaxation in the presence of invoked Divine Guidance and Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters, who work through me.

Evening session fortnightly

6.30pm to 8.00pm (1,5 hrs)

£ 20


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