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For my partnership sessions, despite allowing myself to see what is needed each time there and then, I have set up a 10 session program, with each session taking approximately two hours.. However, should other issues that need exploring surface, I’d like to keep the process of these sessions flexible. So, despite the 10 session program, we should work free-flowing, and be utterly present and connected. I work with my Highest Guidance, so there will never be judgment but unconditional support for the individual and the partnership/relationship as such.


I believe that the foundation to being able to communicate the truth of your heart, your own sensations and the clarity of your perception - is to learn to hear, listen within and get to really know yourself.


This means, the first step is to have clear, pure and truly honest communication with yourself, listening, hearing and acting upon your truth, your instincts, make space to become aware of your intuition. Learn to respond accordingly and act upon the truth of your feelings.

Then, secondly, you will see the other and be able to communicate truthfully and intuitively, independent of their behaviour, and sometimes beyond their words, and hear the communication from their experienced truth, without judgment, an open heart and from your own spiritual wisdom.


So, the second step is to communicate with another from this deep level of truth, what really needs or wants to be communicated. In this way, you set yourself free from the reaction of your pain-body and begin to respond from your whole self, from the wisdom of your higher self and the perspective of your soul.


The third step, which needs inner space to be explored, is to communicate the realised truth of your heart, your desires and longings, into your relationship, partnership, your own lives, the world itself.

And in partnership sessions it is a gift to hear each other as well as support one another, in order to reach this individual intention for your life.


The 10 sessions entail:

  1. Releasing the victim and choosing ‘Happiness & Contentment’, instead.

  2. Trust and authenticity, tools how to practice it!

  3. Disappointment/disillusionment/unfulfilled expectation/stress versus positive   expectation/relaxation/innate trust/emotionally providing for oneself.

  4. Inspiration/Aspirations to manifest our ‘Heart’s Desire’ and nothing less. Healing the fear  of wanting, learning to feel and express our wants, through practicing kindness with  oneself and others, as well as having clear boundaries.

  5. Lack of self-worth – healing a sense of unworthiness, self-doubt versus self-appreciation.

  6. Free from any sense of competition, the quality of true intimacy, the essence of our purest aspect, the child within – living from our true selves and our joy within. Positive intention/expectation, spiritual instructions for life – by HH the Dalai Lama.

  7. Living gentleness, kindness and respect - in daily life with oneself and each other.

  8. Practicing respect and gentleness with oneself, as well as living kindness and respect for others.

  9. Stepping into and becoming a part of the or ‘What if’ we stop trying to change ‘what is’, but ‘learn to love it’?!’

  10. Reflection – tools for a way forward!

£ 130 per session

In English or German

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