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My vision for this website is not to turn into a ‘digital Native’ but for it to be inspiring, offering any support you might need, during these challenging times! 

That my intention, listening, healing, teachings and also sharing via social media can be found and reach you, when you feel in need of encouragement, guidance, inspiration, compassion, understanding, healing and help to reconnect with yourself..

That I, through my spiritual work & loving intention, can and therefore will be of service,  despite the restrictions of; travel-corridors and social distancing, to support poor energy levels, fears, restraining health-issues, confusion, disorientation, fatigue of uncertainty, emotional bleakness, financial and economic challenges, and most of all, disconnection from oneself and each other that the current  pandemic confronts us with.

That, despite these challenging circumstances, my offered online and long-distance sessions, groups and webinars offer you to connect with much more ease, on a much wider scale help you find this re-connection within, whichever state of mind, or state of emotional and physical health you might find yourself in! 

That united and at one, we will positively make use of the Internet, Zoom and WhatsApp, and that we actually can connect! Until one day, that I in addition will be able to hold retreats, give seminars or healing session in person, again.

However for now I wish, that we put the current conditions positively to use; may it be to finally become environmentally more conscious thus active, shift our priorities, deepen our relationships, consciously grow, release our fears and feelings of victimization, and feel empowered in our love for self and others.

My vision is that we learn to appreciate that through online sessions, groups and webinars the world has become much smaller. That we can work together despite being physically apart, and make spiritual healing available to everyone! That you’ll find that spiritual intention, connection, healing and love works long distance too and clearly feel the benefits of it! That you’ll experience that you can receive from any location and that positive intention does travel!


My vision is that this way I can make teaching, healing, encouragement, reassurance and inspiration accessible for you, bring it right into your ‘living rooms’ and into your hearts, wherever you are!


With Love and Light,

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