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Four Seasonal Workshops, which will address seasonal related topics and issues. In each 5 hr online-workshop, participants will be given a prepared handbook that focuses on the ‘seasonal subject’ of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each workshop serves as a signpost for the specifics of that particular time of the year.


Together, we will read through the inspired text, work through the given exercises or specifically asked questions in the handbook.  Individual reflections and realisations, of what each participant has become aware of, will be addressed and worked through.


I’d also like to work on a Higher Consciousness level through guided meditation, as well as through giving intuitive feedback to shared responses, or written answers.


I believe that clear signposts every three months will make it easier for everyone to step into the clarity of conscious intentions, choices and actions within the current season. Overall creating more happiness through understanding the ‘the flow of life and creativity.’

5 hrs. webinar each

£ 75 each

4 C winter.jpg

The topics of each seasonal workshop:


WINTER / Introspection


Committing to our own Introspection of where we currently stand.

Really working through the concepts of surrendering and letting go.

Understanding the freedom of taking responsibility for our lives. Feeling safe, ways to learn to create this sensation.

Spreading care and love, even for ourselves.

4 C spring.jpg

SPRING / Awakening


Awakening to our own Truth.

Learning to have the courage to get in touch with our authentic selves.

Ways to find the Faith to explore the unknown or less familiar.

Dissolving the fear of the New.

Finding Joy in the ‘Phoenix rising from the Ashes’, growing to a level of aliveness on a deeper level of consciousness.

4 C summer.jpg

SUMMER / Aliveness, Expression


Celebrating a sense of Aliveness and Presence.

Finding ways to fully express ourselves practically, and creatively.

Consciously stepping into the Flow of Things, Flow in Life as such.

Spreading our wings, learning to let go of old conditioned fear.

Making the Choice to be happy, lead a happy life and bring happiness to others.

2019-09-04third quater1.jpg

AUTUMN / Reflection


Reflecting on our lives right now, exploring our feelings, learning to listen within without the inner judge.

Allowing our true wants to manifest from our Heart Consciousness.

Releasing old pain.

Ways to find Happiness and accepting that Happiness and Joy are the meaning and purpose of life.

Practicing daily Gratitude, appreciating what we already ‘have’.


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