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Reiki is a gentle planetary ray and yet powerful life force, a universal life energy.  Divine Healing is about realizing our Divine Nature – the spiritual understanding and integrating of a healing ray. Being attuned to Reiki is taking you forward and upward in vibrational frequency, which in turn brings changes of consciousness and awareness. The healing ray heightens your energy flow and balances your chakras.



Is working on the physical body and teaches about hands on healing,

on yourself as well as giving to others in a tangible, hands-on way.

The symbol for this initiation is Cho-Ku-Rei.






Protection, sealing of healing - the light switch that turns on the healing energy, increases its power and that seals all other symbols, it is the empowerment symbol of all others and Divine command.


The first step, the first experience of the path. Cho-Ku-Rei teaches you to go out of body by going within, to withdraw the ego and allow the Buddha Nature or the Divine aspect within, come forward.

Cho-Ku-Rei is the physical body healing level, which also forms the doorway to reconnection with Spirit and Divine Healing.



Available in English and German

In-Person seminar with handbooks

(lunch included)




Is working on the emotional body and teaches about distant healing, learning not only how to heal the emotional body with its possible blockages, but how to send healing to others as well as to specific issues that need healing.

The symbols for this initiation are Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, Sei-Hei-Ki and Cho-Ku-Rei.






is healing the past, the present, the future. Healing all karma.

This is the symbol for long distance healing and healing the mental and emotional body, building our mind consciousness.

The mental awareness releases the limitations of karma and dissolves karmic patterns that do not serve us any longer.

By directing images of the present to heal the past, karma is released. It is permanently released, one by one. Expansion of the conscious mind will also alter your reality thus your perception and response to experiences in your life.



Emotional healing, purification, cleansing, protection. Impure ground is purified by wisdom to gold transmutation through realization of the emptiness of the self. 

The state of our subconscious being changes to awareness and realization of self. Healing with Sei-Hei-Ki focuses on the emotional body and teaches us emotional consciousness and emotional intelligence. It heals negative emotions, old pain and transforms them into positive ones or dissolves the shock and stagnation of pain.


It protects people, their travels and is good to be used to clear and protect any spaces, also drawn over cars, planes, bicycles, helping us to send protection.


Available in English and German

In-Person seminar with handbooks

(lunch included)




is working on the mental body, your lens of perception and your mental awareness. Responses and priorities begin to change, as well as the frequency of the healing within as well as in sending, increases.

In addition to the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, Sei-Hei-Ki and Cho-Ku-Rei the attunement of

Dai-Ko-Mio works on the spiritual body also.






promotes healing of the soul. Dai-Ko-Mio activates healing on the soul level. It also guides us onto the Bodhisattva Path, supporting our ’heart of giving’, to become embodied souls who desire enlightenment for the sake of others.

Thus Dai-Ko-Mio teaches us about the oneness of all life, of having compassion for the suffering of everyone.


Becoming enlightened we have been freed from incarnation and suffering. In Buddhism this is the only real healing. We have the desire for enlightenment and will achieve it, which is the perfect union of wisdom and compassion.

It teaches and prompts great unification, which is the basis of understanding that all the things are One, we are part of the Divine.  In Reiki Dai-Ko-Mio is the symbol to activate Attunements and supports Initiations. I also use Cho-Ku-Rei, following Sei-Hei-Ki for protection and space clearing.


Available in English and German

In-Person seminar with handbooks

(lunch included)


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