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During these three hour journey-sessions I will take you on the transformative expedition into the centre of your ‘self’, where you will begin to realise what lies beneath a chosen specific physical, and emotional and mental issues you want to work on and release.

Along this journey you will begin to clear the path of self discovery, understand where the issue stems from, go through different layers of emotions and become aware of what energy is blocked on each level. Once we’ve taken you through these stages, you will reconnect with your essence and truth, and free yourself of limitations and blockages that hinder you.


The work is a deeply transformative experience, helping you access past and/or sub-conscious pain, grief and anger – enabling you to become aware of your true self, the gift of your own power, the power to let go, to accept and to forgive.

As you directly experience the root of the blockage, you dive into your own higher wisdom and can truly dissolve a specific problem.


As you free yourself from it for good, you understand that you do not have to stay stuck in old patterns, instead you can find a place within, that expresses your own unique blueprint. As you embrace your fears and weaknesses and find compassion for your own humanity, you will open your heart and will go beyond any self-imposed limits.


Once we cleared the issues you intend to work on – we connect with Highest Guidance and allow wisdom for each layer to come through – wisdom that heals the mental imprints that, before you released, have stopped you from committing to living the life you love!

With Grace, you finally free yourself from what blocked you, and you’ll grant yourself permission to have everything you truly desire, and realise that you deserve it!

£ 125

In English or German

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