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The first step to bring this level of consciousness – the awareness and connectedness of ‘Heaven on Earth’ into our embodied existence, is to truly allow ourselves to live and express our highest, most amazing version of ourselves. As you discover and honour your own individual path, live your truth and very own essence authentically.

During this webinar I will guide you through a guided Meditation, into a deep, meditative mode – using the Holon of Balance, and collective healing, in order to expand your conscious mind, so you can absorb the teaching of the Universe about heaven as such, as well as Heaven on Earth!!


Remember heaven is not a place but a state, and once we feel at HOME, it follows us wherever we go!


This seminar is about conscious living and conscious meditating – channelling from Archangel Zadkiel and the Benelovent Ones will clarify the times we are living it and how we consciously can find and create our own Heaven on Earth!

Each time you make space for Heaven on Earth within and connect your soul with the Divine, you will go deeper than before and will be taught more, with, as I would say, the most important teaching being that – You are loved and cherished. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do wrong. Practice love and acceptance in everything you do.


You are loved because UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the basis of everything. Learn to know that and embody it in all your actions.


We are now facing a crucial time in our existence and need to recover more of that large knowledge while living here on Earth.


You are part of the Divine and absolutely nothing could ever take that away. By absorbing that wisdom into your consciousness – the root of every form of anxiety, that we can somehow be separated from our soul and from God – dissolves and we realize the illusion, as we are our soul; even though you never lose sight of your earthly existence, nor of your loved ones.


The very fabric of the alternate dimension is Love and Acceptance and anything that doesn’t have these qualities appears and feels immediately out of place on that level. Right now, we are learning to remember our soul consciousness, this miraculous aspect of ourselves, by bringing it to light. The true spiritual self is within all of us and it is the being that Spirit truly intends us to be.


We get closer to it by manifesting love and compassion, made up of the very fabric of the spiritual realm, as we become like this realm or dimension of being.

In fact, that we ever did feel alone, was the product of a sense of separateness and in fact, an illusion. Once we start to see and understand the trappings of the human mind, we feel the difference in clarity and difference in vibrancy and richness of every experience and our senses. Physical life is characterised by defensiveness, whereas spiritual life is just the opposite, where we are completely clear and focused, where a celestial light shines through us.


Enjoy your very own experiences, observations of that light, that connectedness, personally and purely, without any comparison with anyone else’s. Only feel the intensity of unconditional love! Really commit yourself to feel the truth of that reality, the truth of your own story of evolution. Guidance doesn’t only watch over us, guiding our activities on Earth, whilst in body, but are also greeting and welcoming us, when we leave this reality behind. The difference now, as consciousness has risen, we can simultaneously exist on two parallel levels, the physical experience as well as the spiritual aware existence above linear time, almost like a sense of being able to see in all directions simultaneously.


We are not prisoners of this world but voyagers through it!  Through practising meditation, we understand the privilege of this embodied existence, also. Become a seeker of truth - your own, but also devote yourself to help others to find theirs, as well as that real, most profound connection to your own essence and its source: Love itself! Remember, you are not alone, you are cherished and loved and the more you and I bring universal, unconditional LOVE into our being, our existence, the more joyful we live our existence here on Earth, the more trusting we go through the most profound and I think, the also magical experience of passing over, passing on, transcending and ascending.


2 Days

Webinar via Zoom £ 155

Seminar in person £ 170

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You are not your fear, let LOVE in.

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