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Trilogy of one day webinar-teachings

to elevate your consciousness and giving

impetus to living your truth and potential!

“Communicating your Truth”

“Letting go”

“Expressing your Creativity and Inspiration”

“Communicating your Truth”


Clarity of communication with self, hearing yourself and others and
learning to communicate your truth clearly, into your lives and the world.
Communicating the truth of your heart and soul.


The foundation of being able to communicate the truth of your heart and sensations and even the clarity of your perception is to really know yourself.

Firstly, you need to have clear and pure and truly honest communication with yourself - checking in and searching how you feel right now, listening, sitting with what is, hearing and acting upon your truth, your instinct - and then respond accordingly, act upon this truth of your feelings.

Then, secondly, you will see the other and communicate with the other truthfully and intuitively, past their behaviour and sometimes beyond of what they say, and you’ll begin to hear their communication from their truth but through your own heart and spiritual wisdom. You communicate with another from this level of truth, from the depth of what really needs or is intended to be communicated. This way, you set yourself free from the reaction of your pain-body and begin to respond from your whole self, from the wisdom and perspective of your highest self, your soul.

Thirdly, and be aware that this step needs your mindfulness and consciousness as well as inner space to explore and realise, you’ll begin to communicate the realised truth of your heart, your desires and longings, into your lives, the world itself. Your actions and developments in your lives resemble and reflect your truth and you begin to understand your experiences, as well as your lessons, and see your life from a higher consciousness and perspective.


“As we listen within, mindfully, and follow the crystal-clear intention of our heart, we communicate directly ‘Who We Are’ into our lives. And then, what we stand for, what we are about, not from the Ego but from the Soul, radiates into our lives. Being right or wrong dissolves as we hear ourselves and realise that we’ll only be heard by the other or by life itself, if we listen carefully and live our very own truth, make our truth known so to speak.’


When the basis of your actions is in inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of life itself. Celebrate

truthful communication, as it is a true gift to another!


Truly live and communicate everything you are - spiritually, sexually, meaning

in human & sensual form and creatively. This is the miracle of being embodied in human form, of being and staying connected with the wisdom and the love of your soul aspect at all times. Truly communicating stops your endless attempt to get it right, to do it perfectly or try to change and struggle with the way things really are, reality itself.


Because communication from your heart and soul opens the door, your fear

has closed. Out of your willingness to learn from your vulnerability and weaknesses, you develop a strength you can offer and communicate to others. Trusting in your essential nature, your innocence, you let your truth, the truth you know is yours, guide you! Then you soften to yourselves and to your struggle with what is, and your innate truth begins to enter and can be felt. Your truth is what you are here to say. Your truth is what the world needs you to embody, to live and communicate, so we all can ‘go home together’! As communicating the truth of our heart and soul is the Divine speaking to us and through us. 

It is what we are here to ‘express’!


Trilogy  £ 225

Three one day webinars  £ 75 each

“Letting go”


Letting go of control, being with what is, realising the ‘gold of your pain and fears’. Stepping into creative unfolding, thus living, being and working creatively. Allowing the unknown to be good for you, you’ll
learn to step into ‘New Beginnings’. Becoming part of the Flow of Life and co-creating from being present. Understanding the ‘Fear of the New’ and releasing it.


Creative living offers you a way to be with what is, with an open heart, which is expressed in how you live your lives; not only spiritually but also creatively and physically.


For a direct experience of the sacred, simply bring your full attention to an ordinary moment. Fully present, you’re experiencing a presence of love, within and around you, an all-inclusive vastness that is beyond words or thoughts. Once you connect to the Divine within and around, you feel a sense of purpose and meaning and an appreciation for the wholeness of life.


When you let go of control and surrender to what is, you become aware of the infinite variety to draw from life and experience a sense of aliveness. Then you can accept the gold of the pain or fears you might have, as within them, lays the personal experience of your truth.


Creativity makes something new with the help of your focused intent and your willingness to surrender, to something larger than yourself.


When you live creatively, you learn to cultivate the attitude that the Buddhists call beginner’s mind. When you do creative work, you’re entering new territory and forge new pathways, over and over again. This requires you to be fully present, breaking out of old ways of seeing and leaving behind what you think we know. Therefore, you approach each new project, lesson or chapter as a new beginning! Then creative work flows with ease and is filled with Grace!


Meaning revealed by the process of creating, feeds our souls and doesn’t need explanation. The root of the creative work is the desire to intimately touch and share the truth of our lives, to find and follow the sometimes hidden path to our reality and ourselves into wholeness. The wholeness is what we ache for, is the home we fear we have lost and to which we long to return.


The surprise of finding an implicit wholeness each time we engage in creative work, cultivates our passion for life and subsequently brings us joy. The truth of creative work celebrates unending beauty and real connection with life.


The unpredictability of the unknown, the feeling of being out of control, often brings new insights and understanding, urging us all to take responsibility for our lives. Life is a blessing and offers you the opportunity to act on the basic human impulse to create. Make sure you listen when you feel fired up with new ideas, when enthusiasm makes you feel like bursting with adrenaline or joy and step into the flow of life. Flow is an active letting-go and a creative commitment to make use of your situation, in a spirit of appreciation.


Flow is not about pretending anything or denying your true feelings; it simply teaches you to surrender to the moment, to accept whatever arises, including your response to whatever arises. Letting go of rigid ideas of what ‘should’ happen and stepping into the truth of your body, your thoughts and your feelings. The more you step into flow, the more you expand into greater freedom. Stepping into flow is an internal act, a conscious letting go and letting yourself be held!


Creative work is a reflection of the underlying interconnectedness of all life.

Shift your perspective and believe that your life is worth living! Your beliefs will help create your experience, so wherever you go, take your whole heart along! If you love life, life will love you back. The world is like a mirror. If you face it smiling, it smiles right back!

Trilogy  £ 225

Three one day webinars  £ 75 each

“Expressing your Creativity and Inspiration”

The third seminar of this trilogy is about finding and creating necessary silence, to allow the creative truth to emerge. Raising the Vibration to living from the consciousness of the 5th Dimension.


When you meditate on simple stillness, pure connection with your soul – your core-self - you will understand the importance of empty time. It is a necessary time of transition from doing to being, from acting exclusively with your will, often in response to others’ needs and the world’s schedule, to opening yourselves to the creative process.


‘To create’ in any form, you have to be consciously willing to allow this grace, this flow, this unpredictable energy that is both, who we are and at the same time larger than us, to direct the process. Then your spirituality merges with our creativity!


Empty time is to actively slow down, find the stillness and spaciousness that allows you to simply be, the space where you cease to ‘do’. When you’re ready to surrender, you give up trying to get something done, and just sit with what is, listen and even stop planning.


The spaciousness of empty time in your life allows this fire within you, the creative impulse of life force itself, to find you and speak to you, with a palpable presence beyond thought and words. And when you’re willing to simply be with this presence, then words, images, stories, ideas and inspiration begin to flow.


‘Being intimately and fully present in the moment is the only place of creativity!’ Your ability to balance and organize your spiritual, psychological and physical life makes you clearer and more efficient in everything you do.

We all know it is not good for the mind to always be racing and thinking. For on the spiritual plane, it blocks inspiration and spiritual guidance from coming through. On the mental plane it causes mental fatigue and cloudiness. On the emotional plane, it tempers with feelings of inner peace, joy or bliss and on the etheric plane, it keeps the third and sixth chakra over-activated and over-stimulated, which can cause under-activity in the other chakras, which in turn, affect the balance of the simulation of the glands connected to these charkas. On a physical level thinking is not good, for it has a deleterious effect on the liver, affects the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and the entire digestive system, as well as the pituitary and adrenal glands.


By being consciously in the moment, by living from our purest intention and mindfulness, you begin to raise your vibration to the consciousness of the 5th dimension!  At the fifth dimension all our charkas are glowing with light.

From that level of consciousness and inspiration you will treat others with the same respect and love you would want to be treated. Do things for your highest good and that of others. Act with loving kindness at all times.


Prioritise your ‘heart-desired’ wants in life, as you cannot be constantly busy and occupied and maintain a 5th dimensional vibration. Emanate a vibration, which attracts work that satisfies your soul and demands of you to live your potential. Take mastery of your life and of your energy field. Choose FOR yourself! Watch your thoughts and words, as thoughts become things. Make sure that your thoughts and actions align with the highest possibilities. Don’t lower your vision with doubts, fears and poverty consciousness. Be generous.


Live as a Master – always act with integrity, honour and responsibility, automatically aware of the spiritual dimension around you. Walk and live hand-in-hand with your highest Guidance in your daily life.

Always listen to the divine impulses and intuitions, as well as intentions.

When you look for the highest perspective in all situations and people, you’re expressing yourself creatively and inspired!! Then, you enjoy loving and being loved, conscious living and creating and begin to feel filled with gratitude and a sense of appreciation, moment to moment.

Trilogy  £ 225

Three one day webinars  £ 75 each

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You are not your fear, let LOVE in.

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