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‘Allowing ourselves to create what we LOVE, by dissolving all fears and imprints of fear that hold us back.’

Through releasing and freeing ourselves from every fear within and all imprints of fear, that not only we but generations before us had, we learn how to create what we love, like more love and connectedness as such, in our lives. 


Writing this new handbook – it has become crystal clear!  What we go through at the moment – and have for these past months, every fear or uncertainty, feelings of threat from outside, and every attempt to acknowledge them and not fall into these fears, forms the basis, and is the incentive, for this new teaching!

Recognising, embracing and dissolving internal fear, as well as imprints of fear, by praying, surrendering, simply trusting and allowing the miracle we need for creating what we love – to carry us to the next level! 


You see, it's not about having fears but learning to be aware of them.  Learning to not let them rule us but work with and through them and blindly trust that whatever happens in our lives, we will get all the divine help needed, for facing them!  That we CAN handle everything with Grace! 

 We begin to embrace whatever we are confronted with or challenged by and

realise that how we respond to what scares us is the key, instead of the actual challenge itself!  How we respond to challenges that cause fear in us, is a constant new choice, which also applies to how we want to feel. Not giving what we fear power but believing and blindly trusting that within our soul and our connection to Spirit, we have not only all solutions but will be inspired and beckoned by dreams of what is meant for us


A willingness to surrender to the Universe is what allows an invisible guidance to take over. Then relax and trust in the unfolding.  

You will be shown where to go and what to do.  Be proud of your commitment to creating what you love.  Hold your vision dear - and surrender it daily to the Universe!

Manifesting is the creative process of aligning with the energy of the Universe, so we can co-create the experience that lifts not only your spirit but also the spirit of the world! 


In this seminar we learn to work on being in a state of faith, rather than fear!
A state, from where we give off energy of expansion, of peace and of grace.

We learn to welcome the power of appreciation and gratitude, as it is this intention and energy the Universe responds to! Then you choose to allow the freedom in - to do what brings you joy above everything. 

Even appreciation for one another, as it will release all resistance or doubt.

One of the most important elements of co-creating the life that you truly wish for,

is to allow appreciation to fill and lead you.  Because whatever you appreciate, you create more of!  In a state of appreciation, you are in a vibrational alignment with your wise and loving soul-essence, as appreciation is an energy of acceptance, of non-resistance. 

When you are aligned with appreciation, you can surrender your desires to the Universe. Therefore, focus on feeling good! You see, when you are in a state of appreciation, there is simply no room for worry, because they cannot coexist. Redirect your focus and then the worry dissolves, and if you struggle, ask Spirit to help you dissolve it; allow yourself to hand it over!
Any situation or circumstance can be experienced with more love, once you choose to see it through the lens of appreciation. 

Look for great spiritual-growth opportunities, instead of remaining the victim of any of your experiences. Allow the voice of your higher self to be louder than your fear!  All that is required is your desire to feel free and your willingness to ask the Universe for help. You then tap into an ever-present energy of love that is supporting you. The clearer you are about what you are asking for, the clearer the response from the Universe will be!!!

Through this webinar my intention is to support you, to learn to free yourself of your fears and choosing to create more and more love and joy in your lives!

2 Days

Webinar via Zoom £ 155

Seminar in person £ 170

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You are not your fear, let LOVE in.

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