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As you learn to cultivate the Art of Living creatively, you’ll also come across your inner story, you will be exploring your truth, guided how to communicate it and learn to express it through your own writing.

In these ten sessions, (three hours each), everyone will be encouraged to express their authentic voice through writing and through sharing the written outpourings within the group.

We all become channels of inspiration and creativity, simply by ‘living creatively’.

In every 3 hour session of spirituality, meditation and creative writing, we will work through a handbook that will address a different creative obstacle and I will offer insights and tools for the participants to tackle them, through becoming aware of, i.e. the inner saboteur, not trusting your impulses, battling with the ego, etc.

Each session also entails specifically prepared creative writing exercises, in relation to the theme of each block or session. We’ll work through the prepared handbooks and inspiring writing exercises together, and will share our creative outbursts on paper, as well as the realizations you’ve made individually or as a group.

The two to three given writing exercises for each session, I would like to give out fresh each time, so no-one feels their writing work is pre-meditated.

These sessions should feel creatively free, without pressure, conditioning, labels or expectation on self and you will feel safe - through my holding of the group and intention for each participant’s creative journey - as well as within the group.

At the end to the 10 three hour sessions, I would love for each participant to reflect on their creative journey as well as their story and what was important to express - through their writing. This will be individually chosen creative writing, that each of the participants would like to share.

Through all the teachings I would like to bring a sense of feeling & proactively taking on creative opportunities, a sense of expansiveness, trust, belonging, inspiration and happiness to the experience of the workshops and their creative journeys.

 ‘When commitment and patience join forces, they create a persistence that endures through peaks and valleys and carries our first intention to completion!’

Available in English or German

5 day webinar / Retreat (six hours a day)  £ 450

10 three hours weekly sessions online  £ 45 each

These will be the ten themes we will address and work through:


1  Self-Appreciation

Creating a real sense of ‘I deserve’ and therefore a space where caring exchange is easy, without an agenda but mutual respect and trust instead. Realizing that we’re merely a channel lessens the load of ‘responsibility’.

2  Being in the moment – let the world feed you, operate through your 5 senses

How can we experience the world anew and truly use our sense to do so? Why is being in the moment and appreciation of beauty, even celebration of life easier to feel, when we are in unknown territory, new environments, have new tastes, new ideas even?

3  Sudden Inspiration / Using Time Consciously

Trust your instincts, intuition, act on impulse, and then after finding the trust to do so, we learn to stop, listen and attend to inspiration. As we make time to express and experience ourselves, we find a balance between being and doing, rather than running to catch up. Having time, rather than having a lack of. Choosing what we do with our time.

4  Getting to know your Inner Saboteur

Making space to find your own saboteur, as well as ways of letting go of the perfectionist in yourselves. Learning to enjoy what we do, rather than diminishing our achievements or allowing doubt and fear to hinder our joy of creative expression.

5  Ego versus Higher Self

Letting go of roles and labels. Learning how to operate from the purest Intention, how to surrender the ego to the heart. Changing our interpretations of situations and experiences by practicing humility.

6   Making space to simply ‘BE’ / positive Networking

Creating from a space of clarity. Stepping into the now and using time and inspiration, as it is offered. Realizing that we can create anywhere and anytime, stepping into the synchronicity of it. Learning to create a network of people who support us and our creative endeavors and how we become truly receptive to input. Inspired buds of ideas, write them down, put them into words and actions and let these inspirations blossom to full bloom.

7   Enthusiasm

How do we stay enthusiastic and inspired? By learning to give way to passion. Having a clear, practical plan to stay inspired. How to defend ourselves when in creative draught? By staying enthused, alert and awake instead.

8  ‘What if’ and the Art of Possibility

Opening up to possibility, getting in touch with your own story, listening to your innermost wants at different times and moods. Daring to believe, learning to trust.  Having courage to dream and truly want.

9   Connecting with your 6th sense. The Potential of Happy Accidents

Knowing when to persevere and when to let go of something. Taking full responsibility for our inner purpose and therefore being free. How to see the relationship between happy accidents and inspirational buds? Working and living from a level of synchronicity.

10  The Art of Allowing and Clear Intention

Understanding the intention to connect and be connected. The difference between will and intent, as well as understanding the gift of gratitude. Daring to allow, instead of staying in control. Enjoying the ride of pure creativity and being a channel of inspiration!

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