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Birgitta Bernhard

I am an actress, published author, script-writer, interior designer and voice-over artist, who was led to work as a medium, healer, spiritual life-coach and spiritual teacher, not so much by choice as by guidance, which taught me to honor and surrender to the gift of healing.


I have been gaining experience as a healer and spiritual teacher, through conducting workshops, retreats, seminars and meditation classes, as well as one-on-one sessions for more than two decades now. I believe that we are here to remember who we really are, to express ourselves through joy, unconditional love, creativity and purest intention. Through my work I intend to help people to connect to their higher consciousness, reconnect to their essence and feel inspired to manifest what you love.

I am guided to teach the essence of unconditional divine love, truth and to make others aware of their spiritual potential, as well as to expand with joy, integrity, compassion and humor, never forgetting my own humility and that I too, need to live what I teach, and am also always learning and growing!

‘Connected within, at One with everything!

And be the love that you are!’

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