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Cosmic Harmony


with attunement to the



This ray empowers us to feel absolute trust, cosmic harmony, helps us to experience a contented heart, to live from the 5th dimensional ascended heart & its ascended truth, and encourages us to choose the path of conscious happiness.

True happiness is a constant journey home to our essence, filled with self- honour and the understanding that enlightened fulfillment comes from within, and is ego-less. Its healing ignites the transition called the evolution of fully-aware consciousness – a consciousness aware of itself.


It helps us evolve from an existence of the 3rd dimensional density towards a state of grace, bliss, to the 5th dimensional embodied Vibration of an Ascended Heart or the emanating radiance of Love.

We all long more intensely than ever for some kind of meaning, sense of connectedness, and true sense of happiness that stems from within, your soul’s understanding. The power to speculate more in feeling, and intuitive ways will be the saving grace of humanity, the supreme source of power is the unfolding of the spirit within each of us, the God-force within. An emphasis on our inner spirituality will lead us into a land of peace where the knowledge within, will be given outer expression.


Even every blade of grass needs to be respected for its being. The yearning of humanity will find its wisdom in the soul of every living entity.

Therefore the healing through this attunement is about standing up with honour for oneself, not with fear or defense, but with self-respect instead!  And respect for others too, and heartfelt compassion also!


By not making what we have any smaller, we allow gratitude and grace to lead the way! Gratitude is the choice of the conscious co-creator, allowing for true acceptance and love to emerge. It also opens to a sense of peace and non-attachment and lifts us to another level of awareness – called Ascension Awareness. This is where one begins to differentiate between soul-based joy and emotional joy, where one begins to see the Divine acting, in both sides of an argument. Ascension Awareness also embraces great trust in Spirit, and thus patience arises effortlessly. As one embraces the energy of Divine Presence as a response to an event, there is no judgment, just joyful Presence, Divine flow.


Enlightenment is our birthright and the ego gradually dissolves in the presence of unconditional love. Hope – means we’re not being alone and in this recognition or realisation, we want to become a bringer of reassurance and joy. 


Ascension Consciousness or as I call it conscious Happiness is a presence of being, that embraces all aspects of your expression as Divine Love.


Remembering that chaos is an illusion, you remove the obstacles presented from your consciousness and honour them as gifts. Be present with that which is present within you. The Joy of being connected within and in Oneness with everything ignites limitless expansion, wholeness and integration – your truth within!

When anything is not flowing, look at the challenge presented, and ask, ’Am I connected? True connectivity is spacious. When one is connected, one has the expansiveness necessary to experience expansion. One is in the Divine relationship of connectivity and cosmic harmony. This relationship offers giving and receiving simultaneously. It is without judgment, without fear, and in complete trust and love. That’s when you trust, live by your trust and experience what you create.

In-person seminar

Available in English and German

One long day // 8-10 hours

or two half days // 4-5 hours

(with lunch included)


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