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True SELF-LOVE is honouring, respecting, feeling and experiencing the Divine within, literally experiencing our Divine aspect, working through us.


The Initiation to the Pink/Golden/Silver Ray of Self-Love connects you to your core-essence, to your soul and allows the awareness of this connection to spread from within.


Working with this ray, we fill ourselves with the unconditional love it radiates into and through us, and feel it expanding into our thought-forms, perceptions and into our lives. This ray is a most gentle form of love and helps us to truly feel held by the love of the Divine; as if holding our own hand, without judging or doubting ourselves.


Individual Channelling will be given with each Attunement, providing you with insights coming from your Highest Divine Guidance, supporting you to understand ‘Who You Are’, from your soul essence and how to live your purpose in this life.


Once initiated, and working with the Pink Golden Silver Ray of Self-Love, you will open the gates to your Divine potential. It will help you sense, being filled with and begin to emanate deepest unconditional love, thus allowing yourself to give and to receive absolute, unconditional love.

As we work together through the provided handbook, meditate and give healing to each other as well as to ourselves, we will raise our own consciousness and furthermore the consciousness on the planet.


I truly believe that there is absolutely nothing that cannot be healed by love and that love has the power to change everything. Refining our intentions, we are able to cause miracles – simply by being love.

In-person seminar

Available in English and German

One day // 7 hours

(with lunch included)


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