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with attunement to the


The healing seminar with Attunement to the Indigo Ray of Pure Awareness,

activates deep, conscious Divine Awareness and helps us expand into ‘Higher Consciousness’.


The Indigo Ray of pure Awareness encourages your energy to transcend from discord to harmony. It helps to create more peace in your lives and for those around you, which in turn requires a huge amount of gentleness with oneself, even with one’s daily life.

The sensations of transformation are similar and yet different in the female or male psyche and body. Women realise when they dare to lose control, they feel their intuitive strength, men might ‘physically’ feel more out of control and therefore experience a sense of vulnerability they can’t push aside anymore.


Surrendering your anxieties leads to a sense of ‘emotional aliveness’ – ‘feeling your feelings, rather than observing them’.


This ray helps you to experience and act from our ‘Higher Heart’, merging with its wisdom, to create a real sense of stillness within, as well as to surrender to what is, and to who we all are! Therefore, it leads you to your innermost wisdom of gentleness, igniting an awakening to who you are, without rushing, judging, pushing or bullying yourself.


It is inner stillness, found through Divine Awareness and consciously taking responsibility, instead of avoidance, that will save and transform the world. That’s why emanating and sending this ray is of strong importance.


Gradually, we will become open to a global ‘Higher Consciousness’. How deeply we can merge with other souls, how we can live together in new ways, depends to a great extent on the awareness of our own wholeness.


This seminar also aims to illuminate the flame of the ‘Higher Heart’, seated where the Thymus gland is, just above the heart chakra, through which we allow ourselves to live with the connection to our Highest Guidance, and Spirit itself.


We are learning to realise the importance of the ‘Unity of All’ and to allow ourselves to co-create, not from the Ego, but from the Humility of our Essence, the wisdom of our Soul.


Understanding and practicing the Divine Laws, like surrendering, having compassion, consciously choosing, having trust and keeping faith and not being ashamed of our integrity and acting on the wisdom, we become aware of the change during the so-called ‘Venusians’ times’ and begin to realise that we can only grow through surrendering and with absolute gentleness of self, allowing our truth and vulnerability as a new way of existence, to come forth.

At a time when, what we perceived as strength crystallises itself as weakness, and our perceived weakness reveals itself as our strength, we slowly dare to simply be.  


By fully accepting what we feel, we share ourselves without self-judgement, as we truly are, thereby allowing or even inspiring others to do the same. Working with this Healing-Ray, we also reconnect to the ‘Lemurian’ energy, the ancient wisdom we have within, allowing it to re-awaken within us.

In-person seminar

Available in English and German

One long day // 8-10 hours

or two half days // 4-5 hours

(with lunch included)


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