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The Healing-seminar with Initiation of the Golden/Orange Light of the Fire of Self-Realisation

is consciously igniting the marriage of the ‘Highest, most perfect aspect within us’ – our Soul, with the ‘most alive aspect with all its experiences and feelings within us’ – the Human.


But once we get soul and heart into constant and most aware connectedness, we can perceive, choose and ‘live’ from our whole self! Through remembering ‘Who We Are’, in all its radiance and through understanding for what purpose and lessons we came here for - we can realise ourselves fully and feel utterly present, moment to moment, not dominated nor limited by our fears, ... feeling so wonderfully alive as we try to reconcile being spiritual, with being human!


Being completely in your body and fully within your heart essence, will give you a true desire to live your life most consciously, with pure awareness, reconnecting with the most magnificent parts of yourself that you may have forgotten or lost.


Facing fears that kept you small and courageously committing to yourself and your very own journey, will awaken your most authentic, your highest and greatest self.


Finding, uncovering and reconnecting with that most profound aspect of yourself, living your wholeness is a very rare and special gift, offered by the Universe. The Initiation to the Golden/Orange Light of the Fire of Self-Realisation – activates the journey to live from your realised self. Once integrated and instated, you will experience a sense of true aliveness and begin to live for your soul purpose, from deep within.


When you begin to feel fulfilled and most alive, your world/your life reflect this. Connected with the universe, your soul-essence, and other hearts and souls, you will really ‘feel’ the intimacy of this connection, becoming a vessel of healing into wholeness, compassion, and of loving service to other human beings.


You’ll become so true to yourself that your destiny and realisation of self, will keep manifesting within and in your lives.


The Ray of the Golden-Orange Light of the Fire of Self-Realization enhances the conscious experience of the manifestation of your soul’s desire and the sense of appreciation, gratitude and utmost, exquisite ‘Aliveness’ that this brings with itself.


The ‘Light’ of the Fire of Self-Realization shines the way to let the force, the passion and the real desire of a true, heartfelt want become reality. It shines light on your journey from impulse, idea and wish to the living and experiencing it in the now! 


The ‘Fire’ keeps the wants alight and the ‘Light’ shows you the way and together it leads you along toward true, full realization of self.

In-person seminar

Available in English and German

One long day // 8-10 hours

or two half days // 4-5 hours

(with lunch included)


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