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Lord Sananda




The Golden Ray of Divine Christ-Consciousness is a most powerful, universal healing ray of the highest vibration of love and light. Christ Consciousness relates to the levels of awakened Christ Mind and not a definite being. 


The Initiation to this ray is offered to develop Christ Consciousness in each Soul, and to transmute karma with Divine Love. This initiation is a sacred experience of Soul Awakening that opens your subtle bodies to Cosmic Christ Light; a consciousness that supersedes our physical life.


As our consciousness expands, we let in more light, and therefore more love, thus learn to live from this connectedness, alignment with our soul and Christ Light (conscious light). We begin to consciously radiate Love into everything we do, say or think; everything we manifest and see in front of us.


Whenever you are wavering simply ask yourself one thing; ‘what would LOVE do?’ Then your choices reflect your connection to the Divine, to Spirit and your trust helps you to literally allow all the love, possibilities, kindness and circumstances, the right people, and even miracles into your life.


As it activates profound self-healing, it also aligns us to our divine nature and essence, therefore we live on a higher frequency of love and joy and become not only creators of our destiny, but also make conscious use of our spiritual potential; of the power of our own light. 


The power of this most pure healing ray ignites and supports the expansion of our consciousness. As we work with this healing ray, the power of its love filters into our existence, our choices and our experiences. 

When we send healing with ‘the Golden Ray of Lord Sananda, pure Christ Consciousness’, we send infinite and absolute love and the power of that light. The healing-ray also increases the light within, as well as the remembrance of who we - in our core - truly are.

In-person seminar

Available in English and German

One long day // 8-10 hours

or two half days // 4-5 hours

(with lunch included)








is the essence of everything and

the meaning of life!

Love is All.

-Birgitta Bernhard

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