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‘Living from the wisdom, guidance & inspiration of my soul, and the peace the eternal connection with it brings me!'

To give you a taste of the teaching  let me share the given channeling I received to start the teaching with:


“ When you feel conflicted by an issue, drama, chaos or have difficulties making a decision, not being able to see,  which choice or path is the best,  Spirit asks us to ZOOM OUT, rise up and see it from a higher, the spiritual perspective. As if we are in a spaceship looking down on Mother Earth.

You tap into the spiritual wisdom of yourself, and when you see it from this higher perspective, everything has less of a grip on your emotional attachment!


And from that loving, free and unconditional space of looking at it and seeing it from the spiritual, zoomed out higher perspective, and connected to that higher wisdom and clarity, you then ZOOM back in, into your essence into which you place a hook or ground it. Then, when you approach the same issue or chaos or your feeling of panic about making the right choice very differently, as you come from spaciousness and an ability of seeing it spiritually and from unconditional love!

With this space and freedom of higher vision, you can manifest it; ground it into yourself and your reactions.
So that your responses and your actions will mirror the higher wisdom!
And the grip and threat or a sense of defensiveness dissolves, the worry or fear resolves and is healed.

The confused, fearful view simply isn’t important anymore, nor the feeling of needing to be right!

You learn to see every circumstance, relationship or ‘issue’, from a bigger picture and you choose, understand and LIVE it, from unconditional love and from the perspective when you zoomed out, from the big picture! And so it is! “


None of our fears, none of our feelings and thoughts should be judged. What you feel and experience – is truly what you experience!


So, try to take time and be the witness or observer of it all, instead of being owned by your emotions.

Most of our fears arise out of fear of death, of loss and of the unknown.

They come from a place of trying to find some control, because you/we think ’if I don’t hold on tight, it will be gone’. Start to observe your thought-forms!

The energy an observer or a witness brings to the surface, has an impact on the way particles behave.

As we all know, everything is energy. 


So,when you shift how you look at all the things that happen in your life, not only the things you look at but also the energy of your life begins to shift as well.


When you choose thoughts in harmony with what you would like to happen in your life, like hope, peace and surrender, you are vibrating at a higher energetic frequency.

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